Tackling Fly-Tipping and Preventing Illegal Rubbish Dumping

Encouraging Responsible Waste Disposal and Reducing Waste Crime

The aim of this Webinar will be to discuss methods of improving the detection, prevention and removal of fly-tipped waste, to examine the role of organised crime in the practice of fly-tipping as well as the consideration of the impact of new penalties introduced in recent years amongst local communities. Futhermore it will assess proposals for developing new offences, sentencing guidelines and providing tougher penalties for fly-tipping and other waste crimes. Measures for improvement considering waste disposal awareness will be analysed and information for households will be given. Other targets will be to consider how the current pandemic has exacerbated the existing issues surrounding fly-tipping, to examine the role of private landowners and local authorities in clearing fly-tipped waste from urban and rural areas and lastly to share best practice on reducing fly-tipping between communities, local authorities and highways agencies.

United Kingdom